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Most Recent Article: Ellen Goodman 10/16/04

This site centers around the constant war between right and left, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, which is as much about framing the questions as it is about crafting the answers.  Our media culture (Hollywood and the mainstream press dominated by the liberal poles of the New York and Los Angeles Times) gives liberalism the edge because it largely sympathizes with left-wing views.  Let me whet your appetite (or whet your blade, if your thinking is liberal) by exposing a few liberal or politically correct myths:
  • Conservatives are opposed to progress.  False.  For example, winning the Cold War was progress, and at every step liberals opposed the conservative efforts that achieved that end.
  • Conservatives are opposed to change.  False.  Cutting taxes is a change that conservatives are always more eager to make than are liberals.
  • Liberals are better described as "progressives."  False.  They want to be described that way because they understand that "liberal" has come to be a bad name, and despite all their efforts to demonize every conservative idea, most voting Americans identify themselves as "conservative."  If liberals can get everyone to call them "progressive," they will have already won the first point in the argument by implying that anyone who opposes them opposes progress.  What they fail to understand is that it is their views that made "liberal" a bad name, and no one has a monopoly on the desire for progress.
  • Tolerance is a good thing.  False.  Tolerance of evil is a very bad thing.  We have to make distinctions between things that are good or neutral, and those that are evil. Good and neutral things are to be tolerated, evil things are to be opposed.  (Look for future discussions on SoothSeeker.com of the definitions of evil, human rights, etc.)

Pages linked on the left are pages devoted to individual liberal politicians and columnists, collecting their factual, philosophical, moral, or intellectual gaffes (and on occasion linking to a deconstruction of an entire column, speech, etc.).



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