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Comity: a spirit of cooperation which is only appropriate when Democrats lack power in the Senate.  Example: Democrats induced Republicans to agree with them that preventing filibusters of judicial nominees who would be confirmed by an up or down vote would violate Senatorial standards of comity.  But there is no place for comity when Democrats want to manipulate senate investigations to smear a president belonging to the other party.

Cut: to make a smaller increase than was originally planned.  Example: President Bush threatened to cut the education budget when he proposed increasing it by nearly 12%.

Dictatorship: the style of governance of elected Republicans exercising the constitutional authority of the presidency to nominate judges with the advise and consent of the Senate by a majority vote.  Example: It would be a dictatorship if the Senate voted on Bush appointees opposed by a minority of the members of the Senate.

Diplomacy: negotiation beginning with a promise never to do anything that might be harmful or provocative to any party to the negotiations.  Example: British and French diplomacy with Germany prior to WWII allowed Hitler to achieve a much superior military situation.

Economic Malaise: the state of the economy when a conservative is in power, regardless of any measures that might tend to indicate the economy is growing at a healthy pace, but slowly enough to mitigate the risk of rampant inflation.  Example: During the presidential campaign of 2004, John Kerry repeatedly bemoaned the economic malaise to which the nation had been condemned by across-the-board tax relief under President George W. Bush.

Lie: a true or arguably true statement declared false by a liberal in order to demonstrate that a conservative is a liar.  Example: President Bush lied when he said that British intelligence had concluded that Saddam Hussein had tried to obtain uranium in Niger.  (What Bush said was true, and, moreover, investigation by commissions of the U.S. and British governments have both indicated the intelligence was probably correct.  The Clinton holdover who claimed it hadn't happened had flimsy reasons for so concluding and vitiated his authority by lying later when he denied his CIA-employed wife had recommended him for the mission.)

Militant: a terrorist fighting in a cause for which liberals have sympathy.  Example: Palestinian militants fired at an Israeli checkpoint today.

Multilateral: taken by a single nation or a coalition of nations without the sanction of the U.N. when the leader of the effort is a liberal and there are no conservative leaders in the coalition.  Example:  President Clinton lead a multilateral coalition to help Albanian terrorists carve out part of Serbia for themselves.

Patriotism: an overwhelming sense of moral righteousness that empowers one to assume on the basis of one or two famous incidents that one's countrymen are generally disrespectful of all human rights, and gives one the courage to stand up in public and make outrageous and usually false charges against innocent people.  Example:  John Kerry was motivated  by his sense of patriotism to sit before the U.S. Senate and testify to thousands upon thousands of atrocities in Vietnam, two of which he claimed to have witnessed.

Peace: a state of relations between the U.S. (or Israel) and foreign powers or groups in which the foreign powers or groups make unreasonable demands, take outrageous and even violent actions, including the unprovoked killing of innocent women and children, and the U.S. (or Israel) accedes to their demands, refrains from taking retaliatory action, and generally encourages everyone to continue their bad behavior because in the end it yields desirable results.  Example: Israeli tanks today risked shattering the fragile peace by retaliating against the Hamas leaders responsible for recent homicide attacks against children on a school bus in Israel.

Prisoner of War: a person not classified as a prisoner of war by the Geneva Conventions (which define what a Prisoner of War is), who testifies that, if freed, he would violate every one of the Geneva Conventions several times each day while attempting to murder innocent children who are not part of any strategic target (that would be yet another violation of the Geneva Conventions), and who would quickly and gleefully behead actual Prisoners of War (another violation... you get the picture).  Example: Sen. Edward Kennedy today scoffed at the notion that detainees at Guantanamo Bay are not Prisoners of War.

Unilateral: taken by a coalition of nations without the sanction of the U.N., unless the leader taking the action is a liberal and there are no conservative leaders in the coalition.  Example: President Bush took unilateral action against Iraq in the war of 2003, but President Clinton's bombing campaign over Serbia was not unilateral despite the fact that he lead a small coalition without U.N. support.

Updated: 11/02/2005


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